There are multiple reasons why customers choose us over the competition. Below are some of our strong points that no other agency can offer

Warrant Checks

Lets Bail Bonds can check to see if an individual has an outstanding warrant.

The Montana Department of Law Enforcement makes it difficult to check warrants due to fleeing suspects.

Team Access

Because of our several locations, we have an efficient network of transfer agents that can assist with the jail release of your friends and loved ones.

Monthly Reports

We provide weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly court date reports to any clients that request them along with weekly case updates.

Background Search

Lets Bail Bonds offers background checks free to our customers. Both individuals and businesses use this service to scrutinize potential employees and business dealers.

Live Support

We have agents standing by to help you at your time of need. You never know when you’ll need a Montana bail bondsman so we’re always here for you.

Flexible Terms

There is no bonds that we won’t do. However, each bond will have different qualifications and we’ll make sure that family and friends have peace of mind when dealing with our underwriting.

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